File Formats

1. Compression Formats
2. Archive Formats
3. Other

This is a list of common file formats found in Wii U games.

See also: the corresponding page on the Mario Kart 8 Wiki.

1. Compression Formats

These algorithms compress data to save space on disks.

Yaz0: One of Nintendo's favorite all-purpose compression formats, which has been in use since before the Gamecube.

2. Archive Formats

These files contain other files and folders, like zip files.

BARS: An alias for SARC.
BGENV: An alias for SARC.
PACK: An alias for SARC.
SZS: A Yaz0-compressed file.

3. Other

Other miscellaneous file types that games use.

AAMP (File Format): Parameter list archive
BAGLENV (File Format): Environment-related (?)
BFLYT (File Format): Layouts
BFFNT: Fonts
BFLIM: Images for layouts
BFRES: 3D models
BFSAR (File Format): Sound archives
BFSEQ (File Format): Sequenced music, analogous to MIDI
BFSTM: Music or sound.
BFWAV (File Format): Music or sound.
BSLNK / BELNK (File Format): ?
BYAML (File Format): Course data, in recent 3D games
CDT: Course data in Super Mario Maker
ENVSET (File Format): Course lighting in New Super Mario Bros. U
EXBIN: Challenge-mode information in New Super Mario Bros. U
GTX: Images
MSBT (File Format): Translated text strings
PTCL (File Format): Effects
OPT (File Format): Background Effects
PARAMS (File Format): Sprite information, in some games
SHARCFB (File Format): Shader archives