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Title is not a science fiction video game.
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Hello! I am a Web Designer and Mario Addict.

Yeah, that's about it.

I like BoJack Horseman and crying. A lot of crying.
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01-02-17, 03:45 pm
Wait, do you want my layout code?
01-02-17, 04:03 pm
oh ok
01-02-17, 04:03 pm
it's in my profile now tho
01-02-17, 11:09 pm
Hi. Your post layout is unreadable with light board themes; please see the FAQ/Rules page.
01-02-17, 11:10 pm
Also, sorry that I wasn't around when you queried me on IRC earlier. Feel free to try again sometime if you'd like; I'm online pretty frequently.
Aileen Lumina
01-03-17, 03:58 am
If you need any help with post layouts, feel free to just ping me ^^
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 06:58 am

who r u
01-03-17, 04:58 pm
Oh hey, PixelFox.
01-03-17, 05:01 pm
Well, at least you're not going to meet trouble here. Have fun, I guess.
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 05:07 pm
oh hey
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 05:08 pm
i had that suspicion
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 07:12 pm
btw welcome
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 07:16 pm
01-04-17, 03:53 pm
Here's a quick Pokémon Center remix I made a few days ago:
01-10-17, 04:20 pm
wheres your website?
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is not a science fiction video game.
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I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

17, enjoys BoJack Horseman and a crying. Likes typing paragraphs like an introductory statement on a Dating site.