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don't spam me with friend requests. explicitly pm me somewhere if you want to play mk8 or smash with me, and if i say yes, only then will i friend you, and even then it will be temporary.
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12-17-15, 04:41 am
01-04-16, 08:58 pm
please refrain from having a huge title like that
08-27-16, 07:26 pm
holy table stretching
10-19-16, 03:44 pm
Can you help me not stretch the screen with my posts?
Fruit Smasher
11-08-16, 05:38 pm
Only now do I realize what your avatar is. 7 grand dad, correct?
Notty Phatarse
11-09-16, 05:49 pm
fan o' u
Notty Phatarse
11-23-16, 05:01 pm
12-07-16, 02:29 am
Wanna play mk8
12-07-16, 02:56 am
Yes you do
12-07-16, 02:56 am
You cant hide it from me
12-27-16, 10:47 am
Do you have ZSNES 1.36? I can do SMK net play. Warning: I'm pretty sucky with the game so eh
Shiny Riolu
01-13-17, 07:00 am
Shiny Riolu
01-13-17, 10:18 pm
im god

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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"


send me your terrible userbars and such to advertize in my footer ;^)

youtube i never use