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12-04-16, 09:07 pm
You already have an account here.
12-05-16, 05:46 pm
But i forgot the email i used lol
Fruit Smasher
12-09-16, 09:52 pm
I'm not a mod by any sort, but your signature is huge. I would shrink it.
Fruit Smasher
12-10-16, 04:17 pm
Also, you aren't part for the Freeze Flame Nightmare map making team, so please remove that from your signature and from anywhere else
12-10-16, 04:18 pm
Toms ask me to make maps lol
12-10-16, 04:21 pm
12-10-16, 04:22 pm
12-10-16, 04:44 pm
Yeah, the map didn't even work in game
12-10-16, 04:46 pm
What is wrong with the map?I am going to try to fix it.
12-10-16, 04:47 pm
Do you converted the map on .kpbin and compressed it to .LH
"Baby Luigi"
01-06-17, 05:38 am
Dude your signature is huge, you need to shrink it.
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"


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