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11-20-16, 09:33 pm
Last year for Christmas, I made this animation series through the month of December. I just saw your avatar and recognized it, and so I went through that series, and sure enough, it was an image that I had used in that series.
11-28-16, 02:08 pm
Read my edit on your game's thread.
Gamer Boy
11-30-16, 01:45 am
Happy Birthday!
11-30-16, 03:51 pm
Thanks! Happy birthday to you too. (I think it's your birthday because the default birthday is apparently older than 2003)
Cuty Ambiance
11-30-16, 03:54 pm
Happy birthday to you!
11-30-16, 04:29 pm
Have a nice day
12-18-16, 01:22 pm
Who the heck is that
12-18-16, 01:22 pm
12-19-16, 05:28 pm
12-19-16, 05:28 pm
Did you get my PM in NSMBHD?
12-20-16, 03:49 pm
Oh, well, I said you can give it to me but after I see if I can patch it myself or not. Thank you
12-20-16, 09:57 pm
A Clash Royale video i made, i'm sure you will like it :
12-20-16, 10:00 pm
A random idea i've got. Sadly it didn't have much success
12-22-16, 09:57 pm
use a proxy if you're IP banned, but don't make a second account.
12-22-16, 09:57 pm
or just reset your router if you have a dynamic IP address.
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