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Aileen Lumina
03-03-16, 03:34 pm
That might be. But well, I can clearly see some progress over at wiiubrew
Aileen Lumina
03-03-16, 03:39 pm
Can I request something tiny? About the Haunted theme: Could you replace the "ground tiles" with actual ghost house ground tiles? I can't describe it better :/
Aileen Lumina
03-04-16, 09:56 am
I wasn't sure how the ghost house ground tiles look like. And sure, there's literally no reason xD Thanks for taking the time.
04-29-16, 09:27 pm
Omg, I really like the Cafe Frosted (with that Snow effect) and Cafe Haunted (with that ? Switch to turn the light on) themes. That's all I wanted to say. Great job!
05-17-16, 10:20 pm
Those themes are amazing.
06-07-16, 10:35 pm
Were you the one who banned me from the IRC?
06-07-16, 10:35 pm
I swear, I didn't mean to post the one thing. I have no idea why it even did, or how it did.
06-07-16, 10:35 pm
"Baby Luigi"
06-10-16, 03:08 am
Hi there!
06-11-16, 02:51 am
Would it be a good idea to include the BRSTM/BCSTM/BFSTM Conversion Tool as part of the Mario Kart 8 tools downloads?
06-11-16, 03:05 am
I took it from
06-11-16, 03:06 am
Though you'll have to look in the thread, it contains separate downloads for different OS's. Is that okay?
06-11-16, 03:22 am
Wonderful. Hm, if the download link ever dies, you think it would be a good idea to put it somewhere for safekeeping?
06-11-16, 03:23 am
Like... I don't want to steal but have someone keep the files in case that ever happens.
06-12-16, 01:08 am
Soo, can I be unbanned from the IRC?? I was banned by you for " Robbery"
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