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[18:57:07] <skawo> Like, the little man that does the maths in your CPU
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06-12-16, 03:38 pm
Mr Rean never banned me. I thought that ban you gave me was real sorry about that
07-10-16, 04:57 am
Is it possible for you to tell me the contact address I supplied on my application? I just want to double-check. (I think I made a mistake)
08-01-16, 09:35 pm
08-15-16, 01:58 pm
Well, my phone just got out of the IRC again. I went to another tab and came back two minutes later, but at that time the IRC page reloaded and got me off of the IRC. I'll message you when I get access to my PC.
08-17-16, 08:18 pm
Hey, RoadrunnerWMC. I just finished creating my level, but I didn't test it yet. Should I send screenshots of it to you anyway, or should I send it to you tomorrow when I test it?
08-17-16, 08:37 pm
Okay, I'll send it to you tomorrow.
08-19-16, 03:54 am
I apologize if my PM is confusing or unclear; I was in a bit of a rush at that time.
08-19-16, 06:36 am
Okay, great.
08-19-16, 12:01 pm
Nice IRC quote in your bio
08-27-16, 07:27 pm
What's with thatf misteriously thread 168?
08-27-16, 07:30 pm
And why people is trying to look at it?
08-27-16, 07:33 pm
So, newer U applications are posted as thread on admin-only forums?
09-01-16, 01:58 am
Why don't you want a shop feature in the RH cafe?
09-12-16, 09:19 am
What's the point eith my newer u application?
09-13-16, 05:50 pm
Why is RVL down?
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