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Sadly, I'm a mobile user. I don't own a PC. Boo hoo. Anyways, all I do is Wii hacking, emulator modding (patches, controller connections, etc), Android hacking and my personal favorite, Apple device hacking. Check out my Youtube in my signature for more info





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"Baby Luigi"
07-09-16, 11:19 pm
Thierry's black magic.
"Baby Luigi"
07-09-16, 11:20 pm
Just read his profile comment on my page.
Aileen Lumina
07-09-16, 11:22 pm
hey ^^
Aileen Lumina
07-10-16, 12:59 am
If you want to learn programming, check out SoloLearn's apps. ^^
07-10-16, 05:05 am
Ohai. You still got that huge bunch of gifs picked at random, huh.

Anyway, how're you doing?
07-10-16, 06:12 am
I'm fine I guess. Pretty much the usual.
Aileen Lumina
07-10-16, 07:55 am
Programming in general ^^
07-10-16, 07:44 pm
I saved time. that's all.
07-10-16, 11:10 pm
I don't need a reason to ban you. Be glad I have one.
07-10-16, 11:18 pm
give me a major reason to unban you, and I will oblige
07-10-16, 11:31 pm
you and theninja1000 were being idiots and crapping up my board with your idiocy. is that a good reason?
07-10-16, 11:32 pm
remind me why you're banned from RVLution, btw
07-10-16, 11:42 pm
well. I will mail a letter to your address. You will be unbanned when I get your reply.
07-10-16, 11:47 pm
mail, as in physical mail. I will use the address you provided in your Kuribo64 profile.
Aileen Lumina
07-11-16, 12:19 am
Well, I can't really be more specific than that. ^^
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

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I would like a cup of tea.

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