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08-13-16, 06:00 pm
Hate Trump but erm, making RVL great again is what you're doing
Fruit Smasher
08-14-16, 09:51 pm
Fruit Smasher
08-14-16, 10:01 pm
edited it
Fruit Smasher
08-14-16, 10:03 pm
oh. well, that's not good. I'll get on it.
08-15-16, 07:55 am
Heh. (Also about the drama between my site xK and Maor: xK just criticised the site)
08-15-16, 07:56 am
(then Maor pm'd me after I banned him saying "you're owner: don't listen to dumb local mods")
08-15-16, 07:56 am
(and he was also banned for causing general drama)
08-15-16, 07:56 am
(xK is a strangely impressive mod for how old he is, he's keeping the site in good order)
08-15-16, 07:57 am
and yeah. The presidential thing in the US is like a child's circus... both of them are immature
Notty Phatarse
11-12-16, 07:07 pm
11-15-16, 12:16 pm

Actual Nintendo designs.
11-17-16, 10:00 pm
I'm not even sure why the early designs were left in the game files.
11-27-16, 09:06 pm
Hai. Do you use anything like Skype, Discord?
11-28-16, 08:57 am
Bleh. I tried adding you on Discord multiple times, it failed. Adding someone else works, so I've been wondering.. does the receiving end have to be online?
11-28-16, 10:40 pm
Yeah. And from how it still doesn't work, I guess the problem is something else.
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Running like a girl
Not to be confused with RightyRedLuigi.

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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

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I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"