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02-28-17, 03:08 am
whaaa- since when are you a lmod
02-28-17, 03:21 am
Oh, well nice job
03-01-17, 05:44 am
Did you make your profile pic yourself? It looks really nice!
03-01-17, 05:46 am
Looks nice anyways
03-03-17, 06:01 am
Oh, wow. I didn't realise your real name until now. Nice name.
03-21-17, 07:39 pm
Hey, nice bio Also, long time no see!
03-21-17, 08:02 pm
What methods would you recommend
03-21-17, 08:07 pm
03-21-17, 08:08 pm
I cant do it now cuz I'm on my phone and it's hard to do layouts on phones
Donald Trump
03-21-17, 09:01 pm
I never said anything about yourself or others doing it on your forums. I'm referring to issues I see in the outside world.
03-21-17, 09:04 pm
03-21-17, 09:34 pm
does my new layout look cool?
"Baby Luigi"
03-27-17, 03:35 am
"Mawio, no one wants me as pwesident???" -Baby Weegee sad face-
"Baby Luigi"
03-27-17, 03:44 am
What about little babies who want to be plumbers?
"Baby Luigi"
03-27-17, 03:49 am
The little green baby would probably be unaware of it all going on anyway.
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Hard at work!
Not to be confused with RightyRedLuigi.

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