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Gamer Boy
11-23-16, 09:13 pm
Btw, it's useful in the 3D Zelda games to pay close attention to what each character has to say. That'll probably be the only way to fully complete them, other than looking it up online. Just following the main storyline should be pretty easy though.
The Music Maker
11-23-16, 09:16 pm
what do you want to do in the game making?
11-23-16, 09:28 pm
Yeah. It all kind of fell apart :/
11-23-16, 10:54 pm
Wow, glad to see you cared about the project so much :/
11-23-16, 11:49 pm
Fair enough. Alot of people probably though that since I was on the team
The Music Maker
11-24-16, 02:41 am
Nice, im here for the music
Conspiracy Thierry
11-29-16, 01:38 am
Ah, thanks.
12-07-16, 11:30 pm
It's the DS mod i'm working on alongside the other 2 mods that are in my bio/sig.
12-17-16, 08:03 pm
Sorry if I'm wrong, but are you KillerNinja65?
12-19-16, 05:06 pm
Never mind
12-20-16, 09:53 pm
Check this out :
12-20-16, 09:53 pm
I'm sure you will like it XD
12-21-16, 08:33 pm
Now you do. Though I'm not planning on being very active at all.
12-21-16, 09:45 pm
Heheheh. I wanted it to be a success but the original thread was ignored
03-10-17, 09:28 pm
Hello, sorry for the late response but I'm glad to see you too
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Red Paratroopa
I left for a real long break of two weeks

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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

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I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

I guess I'm not leaving the site then. I seem to be back, but you never know.