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Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:07 pm
Since I have some spare time, I'd be up for ZSNES netplay or whatnot. I never really played the original Mario Kart, and online sounds fun. It'll probably take me a while to set up, though.
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:28 pm
I have neither. I know where I can find one though. It should European, right?
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:36 pm
Found one with the right file type, now I just need to check the version.
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:40 pm
Did you mean the version for the game or the emulator...?
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:43 pm
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:46 pm
I got Windows 7, so no problem there. I'm just going to check out making a controller configuration first, if you don't mind.
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:51 pm
Done! Now on to online configuration...
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:54 pm
Yep, but I don't know what "port forwarded" refers to.
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 02:57 pm
Is there another method for this?
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 03:53 pm
Eh... not really. Good at the game, that is. Getting better though! (I hope)
Gamer Boy
12-27-16, 03:54 pm
If you ever want to play again, just let me know.
12-27-16, 07:30 pm
I have a lot of badges, don't I?
12-29-16, 08:36 am
SMB2 JP it is
12-29-16, 03:52 pm
Nice minipic.
12-30-16, 02:59 pm
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Banned for a while.: Fuck off.

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