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The existence of this bio is a mere theory. As a matter of fact, it's more like a depot.

[02:55:56] <Thierry> all hail capitalism
[02:56:07] <StapleButter> ARARARRRR
[02:56:11] <StapleButter> DEATH TO THIERRY
[02:56:15] <StapleButter> DEATH TO CAPITALISM

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an endg
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wold 2 cold
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« 67891011
03-22-17, 01:26 am
are you secretly Squidgirl or what
03-22-17, 02:37 am
...more like A GAME THEIRRY
Shiny Riolu
03-22-17, 01:28 pm
03-22-17, 03:52 pm
hands up, don't move!
03-22-17, 10:11 pm
well, given you'd die either way, I will do nothing, as it's the easiest option
Fruit Smasher
03-23-17, 12:49 am
Fruit Smasher
03-23-17, 12:52 am
Oh you mean my user name for that femtosecond
Fruit Smasher
03-23-17, 12:52 am
ye, I didn't think you'd notice lmao
Fruit Smasher
03-23-17, 01:10 am
Shiny Riolu
03-23-17, 04:15 am
Shiny Riolu
03-23-17, 04:22 am
Shiny Riolu
03-23-17, 04:28 am
*hugs back*
Shiny Riolu
2 days ago
I was actually planning to change it but I forgot to
9 hours ago
you will commit suicide either way, so I'm not bothering
Donald Trump
5 hours ago
Work in progress..... Don't worry were gonna build that great wall and keep out the drugs and illegals.
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I'm just me. A game me.

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I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

Studies show you can get people's attention with puns.