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hi I'm xkitten

I hack 3DS games. mostly NSMB2 and Smash 3DS but yea. i hack them.
maybe when I'm not lazy i'll make tutorials.

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10-29-16, 03:21 am
I'm not really sure why I've even really registered there because I hardly go there anymore
11-08-16, 06:15 pm
Thank you
11-08-16, 08:56 pm
hey, long time no see
11-10-16, 12:58 pm
fine, thanks. What about you?
Fruit Smasher
11-20-16, 05:48 am
so technically I am using you to survive
Fruit Smasher
11-20-16, 05:48 am
I would be proud tbh
12-01-16, 07:18 am
hey, sorry about the shit I've caused...
12-01-16, 07:18 am
12-01-16, 07:30 am
i just don't want any more hassle. I've unblocked you on Skype too.
12-01-16, 07:33 am
I guess we can tonight try to make a mature discussion about the whole situation... Just don't mention my board as part of it
12-01-16, 09:02 am
the boards don't need to matter. I'm more bothered about sorting things out between us
12-03-16, 03:55 pm
I know willerino
12-14-16, 03:59 pm
dood your layout is unreadable on this theme
Fruit Smasher
12-21-16, 02:19 pm
Your layout is literally unreadable
01-15-17, 04:44 pm
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clinton killed john john

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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

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I would like a cup of tea.

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we do not serve tea