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I am the overlord now

Hey, I'm Toms, and I like hacking NSMBW/2/U

I also know a little bit of C++, so I guess that's a thing

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01-19-17, 08:26 pm
Thats what you thought.
01-19-17, 08:27 pm
/me comes and slices your head off.
01-19-17, 08:34 pm
Who said I was using a sword?
01-26-17, 10:47 pm
Well, I'm going to continue our litle RPG game from last week...
01-26-17, 10:48 pm
The last thing you said was "ME". My responce to that is "Your blind... How can you be the overlord?"
01-27-17, 08:41 pm
Since your part blind, you didn't notice how I took your magical want and made you vanish.
01-29-17, 02:50 am
02-06-17, 02:57 am
Refer to this.
02-06-17, 03:24 am
I see. Will be fixing that shortly when I'm on my laptop. Thanks for the feedback.
02-11-17, 07:28 pm
ur ded 2 me son
02-11-17, 09:05 pm
I only pretended to think you were alive from the start because I knew it would hurt you more when I said yr ded 2 me.
Gamer Boy
02-14-17, 02:25 am
Sorry about not recording that level yet. It'll be done tomorrow.
Gamer Boy
02-15-17, 12:01 am
Actually, it probably won't be done today. I'm working on it, though. (I should stop making deadlines, because I suck at them )
Fruit Smasher
02-22-17, 03:13 am
lmao thx
02-22-17, 03:43 am
Yep. That's definitely there to help people sift through all the imposters, and not just to look cool.
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"