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Hello. I'm a random kid on the internet that plays too many video games. Well, not really. I spend too much time playing, but I switch between about three different Mario games. I really like hacking Super Mario Maker and playing hacks from many other Mario games. I often showcase them on my second YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTube, I actually have three channels. Two of which have vague success. I'll link them in a bit.

I've achieved few things since I joined the NSMBW File Depot at the age of 9:

* Started and cancelled about three hacks

* Joined about 3 hacks that were cancelled after a few days

* Made a whole soundtrack for a cancelled game

* Cancelled many YouTube playthroughs

* Broke some Mario Maker tilesets

* Broke people's ears with bad remixes

I also make Super Mario Maker tilesets, but nobody cares about those.

Music Channel:
Playthrough Channel:
Shitpost Channel:

Daily Facts:
1) Mario is not a sheep.
2) Meme-Mixing is hard.
3) Mario Maker tilesets are annoying.
4) Hex editing confuses me yet I've never messed it up somehow.
5) Welsh Bacc is pointless.
6) Ing = 'ng.
7) I'm going to fail my French GCSE.
8) MLG Super Luigi Bros Wii is REALLY hard.
9) I am not motivated.
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Coins 11450
Weapons Nothing.
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Ultimate Team
02-16-17, 02:29 pm
Happy birthday!
02-16-17, 06:01 pm
Happy birthday to you!
02-16-17, 10:06 pm
02-16-17, 11:17 pm
Happy Birthday!
02-17-17, 01:38 am
Happy Birthday.
Fruit Smasher
02-22-17, 03:08 pm
Thank you
03-15-17, 10:54 pm
03-15-17, 11:01 pm
It's me, Supermariobros52
03-15-17, 11:09 pm
Nah, it's all good, How's everything?
04-01-17, 11:41 pm
u missed the april fools rush ;-;
04-01-17, 11:43 pm
here's a round-up: there were two troll leaks on nsmbhd, rhcafe got compromised and i ate food from ebay and became a freak of nature
04-01-17, 11:47 pm
Iggy Koopa
04-02-17, 02:45 am
Haha I love how you used the world map background of my hack for your profile pic! It looks cool!
Iggy Koopa
04-17-17, 04:07 pm
Iggy Koopa
04-22-17, 12:37 am
Oh yea the scrapped level you played for the finale appears in my April fools hack. Lol
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Mario Maker 3DS is an interesting game.

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