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Not really the type of guy to inform others about myself in bio form, but here we go.

I am 14 years old, living my solo life peacefully. By that, I don't go out of my way to hang out with friends. However, I am friendly, and have a decent amount of friends but rarely arrange plans to meet outside of school. I discovered hacking and programming at a young age and began learning many programming languages. At the moment, I have a pretty solid grasp on C++ and still learning more of it as we speak. PowerPC is also becoming a staple of my knowledge, where my experience with it is growing exponentially. I also have great knowledge of level creation, and can make clean and professional levels quickly. If you desire any help, do not hesitate to slide into my PM's at any moment. Great, have a marvelous day!

2:05:29 PM <~MrRean> my parents aren't making me look a job. 2:05:40 PM <~MrRean> mostly because I'm juggling 7 college classes for 5 days a week 2:05:58 PM <StapleButter> "hey mom have you seen the cat outside" "FUCK OFF GO SEARCH FOR A JOB!!!!!!!!!!"

9:08:02 PM <~MrRean> fun fact 9:08:17 PM <~MrRean> if you slash somebody's tires, slash only 3 of the 4 9:08:22 PM <~MrRean> the insurance company will pay for it if you have all 4 slashed. otherwise, they'll have to pay for it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8:36:00 PM FruitSmasher all around me are familiar faces... 9:30:54 PM Meorge_ worn out places 9:31:51 PM FruitSmasher worn out faces 9:32:08 PM Meorge_ bright and early for the daily races 9:33:01 PM FruitSmasher Going nowhere, going nowhere 9:34:23 PM Meorge_ Their tears are filling up their glasses 9:35:30 PM FruitSmasher No expression, no expression 9:35:58 PM Meorge_ Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow 9:37:08 PM FruitSmasher No tomorrow, no tomorrow 9:37:22 PM Meorge_ And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad 9:38:05 PM FruitSmasher I find it kind of sad 9:38:47 PM Meorge_ The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had 9:39:31 PM FruitSmasher I find it hard to tell you, 9:40:24 PM Meorge_ I find it hard to take 9:41:50 PM FruitSmasher When people run in circles it's a very, very 9:42:19 PM Meorge_ mad world 9:43:14 PM ~MrRean shut the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:43:51 PM Meorge_ Children waiting for the day they feel good 9:44:08 PM FruitSmasher Happy birthday, happy birthday 9:44:24 PM Meorge_ (happy belated birthday MrRean ) 9:44:30 PM Meorge_ Made to feel the way that every child should 9:44:57 PM FruitSmasher Sit and listen, sit and listen 9:45:08 PM Meorge_ Went to school and I was very nervous 9:45:47 PM × You have been kicked by MrRean (MrRean)

9:38:52 PM FruitSmasher yawn, getting tired 9:38:59 PM !coffee 9:38:52 PM @CafeBot *trips and spills coffee all over FruitSmasher* 9:39:12 PM FruitSmasher god damn it 9:39:13 PM I needed that caffeine

Mee6BOT - Hell yeah @Toms, you're now level 4 ! FruitSmasher - fuck off @Mee6 FruitSmasher - Tsmelter :gun: Toms - HOW DARE YOU PULL THE WATER GUN OF DEATH ON ME FruitSmasher - boi Mee6BOT - Hell yeah @FruitSmasher, you're now level 2 ! FruitSmasher - SHUT THE FUCK UP @Mee6

Nintendo network: Hello and welcome to Super Smash brothers online!
Me: Alright sounds fun.
Nintendo network: We will be extra careful to bring you the laggiest players at all costs.
Me: Wait, what?
Nintendo network: We hope you have the worst experience possible!
Me: Can I leave battles that are la-
Nintendo network: Listen up you little shit, if you leave an online battle for any reason regardless of user experience, we will disconnect your ass.
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Last Edited Sprite Banzai Bill - NSLU
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HP 354 / 354
MP 122 / 122
Atk 48
Def 49
Int 54
MDf 53
Dex 48
Lck 47
Spd 43
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Coins 40647
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« 111213141516
04-06-17, 01:22 am
I'm sorry about before...
04-06-17, 01:26 am
I'm starslayer, but, I came to say sorry, and that I was wrong, I am asking for forgiveness, rean already forgave me... I was honestly very wrong for everything I did.... even to you...
04-06-17, 01:29 am
no, he unbanned me, and I had him change my name, but still, do you forgive me? I am honestly super sorry for what I did.
04-06-17, 01:31 am
lets PM about it.
04-06-17, 02:41 am
shibboleet is secretly the coyote; this causes issues sometimes.
04-06-17, 03:54 am
Only temporarily, though, because cartoons~
Crissley Lumina
04-08-17, 10:20 pm
Hey, do you have a PC?
04-10-17, 08:13 pm
die lol xd
04-11-17, 03:50 am
)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) xd
04-11-17, 06:16 pm
04-11-17, 10:33 pm
Sure, I'll go on shortly.
04-12-17, 01:33 am
Just in case you're wondering, I randomly got disconnected from the IRC, I didn't actually disconnect by myself.
04-22-17, 05:06 am
No, I do not. Why?
04-22-17, 02:34 pm
Um, okay.
04-24-17, 01:37 am
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