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<skawo> Hats are like miniature tents for heads
<RoadrunnerWMC> ^ quote of the day
<MrRean> teepee
<OrangeDude> They're camping tents for your head lice
<skawo> I pity your scalp OrangeDude
<MrRean> i pity the lice

nice meme

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Green Toad
09-20-16, 08:28 pm
Talk about a quick response. Thanks for the info. I was wondering, do you think you'll add a link to the Actor Files page on the NSMBU page?
Green Toad
09-20-16, 08:32 pm
You work fast, don't you? On a random note, did you know I made the base of the list with a batch script? So I guarantee that the filenames are typo-free.
Green Toad
09-20-16, 08:39 pm
That would probably be easier to work with. Batch scripting is admittedly kind of garbage to work with, but I find myself using it for automation lately. Perhaps I should take up some Python.
09-22-16, 03:24 am
Good afternoon ^^
09-22-16, 03:29 am
Do you dislike me?
09-22-16, 03:41 am
Nah, it wasn't. Just wondering. You seem quiet.
09-24-16, 02:28 pm
09-24-16, 02:29 pm
actually, thanks for doing that
09-26-16, 09:55 pm
you misspelled Dirbaio's name in credits page
09-26-16, 09:55 pm
inb4 espressoboard renamed to memeboard
09-26-16, 09:56 pm
also, thank you for the unban, sir
09-26-16, 10:08 pm
You have no one to blame but yourself~ Kappa
09-28-16, 01:54 pm lol
09-29-16, 12:01 am
Why'd you take Cafine off of your github?
Green Toad
09-29-16, 02:40 pm
Happy Birthday! Have a good one. ^.^
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

motherfucking hype man