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<skawo> Hats are like miniature tents for heads
<RoadrunnerWMC> ^ quote of the day
<MrRean> teepee
<OrangeDude> They're camping tents for your head lice
<skawo> I pity your scalp OrangeDude
<MrRean> i pity the lice

nice meme

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09-13-15, 04:20 am
Something happened to SMSRealm.
09-13-15, 04:24 am
Why did you kill it? It was running fine.
09-14-15, 10:08 am
didn't mean to come across as a backseat mod
10-07-15, 06:07 pm
ban me please
10-07-15, 06:49 pm
just fucking ban him
10-07-15, 06:49 pm
he's a douchebag and never changes and even gloats about how retarded he is
12-17-15, 02:00 am
Would you be able to add a shadow to users' names? Currently names can be really hard to read
01-05-16, 02:23 pm
i was kinda wondering when that would happen lol
01-28-16, 02:01 pm
So, why can't mods edit the wiki? I found 2 dead links (links that lead to 404) on NSMBU's page on the wiki.
01-28-16, 02:02 pm
Also, I'm flattered you only +1'ed me.
02-18-16, 04:37 pm
Hey, if you need a hand to help you develop/improve this board I am ready.
03-08-16, 06:14 pm
03-08-16, 06:14 pm
Thank you.
03-21-16, 07:18 pm
Oops my bad, I must have been sleeping while reporting error #12.
03-21-16, 07:20 pm
On the other hand, someone probably wanted to be funny and added a field on nybble 26.
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

motherfucking hype man