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<skawo> Hats are like miniature tents for heads
<RoadrunnerWMC> ^ quote of the day
<MrRean> teepee
<OrangeDude> They're camping tents for your head lice
<skawo> I pity your scalp OrangeDude
<MrRean> i pity the lice

nice meme

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« 8910111213
02-14-17, 12:31 am
boi move This to the NSMBW forum
02-19-17, 04:16 pm
I have a new phone now, so sorry if my IP changed
"Baby Luigi"
02-23-17, 02:18 am
Hey MrRean, is it possible to retrieve that Baby Mario Bros hack thread on RVlution? I'd like to repost it here.
"Baby Luigi"
02-23-17, 04:16 am
Thanks a lot for that!
"Baby Luigi"
02-27-17, 04:22 am
Thanks a bunch for the promotion! I really appreciate that!
03-03-17, 05:59 am
O-O (At the "Total +1" thingy)
03-03-17, 05:59 am
Anyways, um, I'd like to know if you can retrive the RVLution Wii hack on RVLution for me.
03-03-17, 06:00 am
"Baby Luigi"
03-03-17, 10:07 pm
Hi, do you manage the themes around here? I'm using the Circuit theme and black spoiler boxes blend really badly into posts. I'm wondering if you can change the color of the black spoiler buttons.
03-11-17, 05:24 am
Hi, I'm currently trying to reupload my project from the old forum site but once I hit post I get a white screen and the post doesn't post. Any suggestions?
03-11-17, 05:26 am
Or by chance can you retrive my forum thread "MLG Suoer Luigi Bros Wii" from the Rvlution for me? Thanks!
03-11-17, 05:38 am
Nevermind I fixed the problem. Thx tho
03-14-17, 01:49 am
is daily cheese supposed to have a grey background
03-14-17, 01:50 am
just checked, still has #body
Conspiracy Thierry
03-27-17, 09:05 pm
how dare you ban trump
he's gonna build walls around your house
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

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I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

motherfucking hype man