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<skawo> Hats are like miniature tents for heads
<RoadrunnerWMC> ^ quote of the day
<MrRean> teepee
<OrangeDude> They're camping tents for your head lice
<skawo> I pity your scalp OrangeDude
<MrRean> i pity the lice

nice meme

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The Music Maker
11-07-16, 12:53 am
Oh god.... sorry... forgive me.. i believe you you didn't recibe my first apply.. thats why i send another
The Music Maker
11-07-16, 12:55 am
I hope you don't be angry
11-08-16, 03:35 pm
is mrrean dead
11-17-16, 01:43 am ?
11-20-16, 12:07 pm
psst, shibborean, why can't I connect to the IRC? Keeps telling me that the connection is refused.
Symphonic Ghost
12-03-16, 02:03 am
Wait, why theres no option to send an Apply Now in Music Category? is that because they dont need the music YET or beacuse they dont want new Music anyway? what im trying to say its, i make All the soundtracks for every type of level haha xD,I was working
Aileen Lumina
12-24-16, 03:39 pm
Thanks for taking care of this.
Aileen Lumina
01-03-17, 03:33 am
Hope it's okay if I send you my opinion about stuff sometimes. Don't take it the wrong way ^^
Aileen Lumina
01-03-17, 03:34 am
like someone else did back in the day >.>
Aileen Lumina
01-03-17, 03:34 am
< that person
Notty Phatarse
01-03-17, 07:27 pm
is ur title meant 2 b an abbreviation of shibboleet
Aileen Lumina
01-16-17, 05:24 pm
Oh? What are you focusing on now? DouBOL Dash?
01-16-17, 08:02 pm
'Disable post layout' fails if there is another post from you with layout enabled on the page.
01-16-17, 08:04 pm
I take applying a background to the mainbar is a bad idea? I'll modify my layout accordingly, but yea.
14 hours ago
Sorry to bother you, but why aren't you an admin anymore?
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Hello, welcome to our café! How may we serve you?

Posted by Customer
I would like a cup of tea.

DoWeServeTea:    .string "do We Serve Tea"

motherfucking hype man