Posted on 09-23-16, 10:22 pm

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Mr. L is back! He has all his powerup forms, and goes over Luigi (obviously...). Emblems and such will possibly be coming soon, and so too will UI if I can get that working...

1. Download the RAR
2. Extract the file "jyotyuActorPack.szs" from the RAR into
3. Run NSMBU with Cafiine (if you don't know how to use Cafiine, look up a tutorial)
4. Enjoy

Once again, there shouldn't be any issues apart from the lack of UI and emblems, except that I think his belt buckle is double-sided (which I believe is not visible during normal gameplay).

Several parts of the textures come straight from the NSMBW version of this mod, but several areas of them have been redone to be cleaner.
Posted on 09-23-16, 10:26 pm
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Looks just as good as your Green Toad retexture! +1