Welcome to the NSMBU/NSLU downloads page! Here you will find a lot of tools that will be useful on your journey of hacking New Super Mario Bros. U and/or New Super Luigi U. Good luck!

Download Name Download Notes Author Version
Reggie Next - NSMBU Edition The only released editor for New Super Mario Bros. U. RoadrunnerWMC, MrRean, Grop, and others v0.6
Puzzle HD A fully-featured tileset editor for NSMBU. RoadrunnerWMC v1.0
Challenge Data Editor A nice editor for altering the challenge data in NSMBU. Grop v1.0
NSMBUtility A nice tool for people who are getting started with NSMBU/NSLU hacking. Minotaurus v1.2
Env. Setting Generator A generator for the .envset files in NSMBU. MrRean v0.1