Welcome to The Red Hat Café, where we hack some of our favorite games: New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker! You can make an account, or just browse the site and see what we're making.


At The Red Hat Café Wiki, you'll find lots of up-to-date information that will help you hack New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario Maker. You can submit your own findings there, too! Mario Kart 8 information is kept on the Custom Mario Kart 8 Wiki at Tockdom.

Sprite Databases

You can submit your own findings about sprite settings and behaviors in New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U to our database. The information, containing the very latest findings, can be downloaded in XML form here.


You can't hack a game without the proper equipment. Check the downloads page to find the programs you'll need to get started. Then browse this site for compiled homebrew apps you can use to run your custom content on a Wii U.


Join us on IRC! Our channel is #rhcafe on irc.nolimitzone.com .

Wii U System Menu Versions: Quick Reference

Both a userspace exploit and a Cafe OS exploit (commonly known as a "kernel exploit") are needed to run custom content on a Wii U. You can check your console's version number in the System Settings app. The official System Menu update history from Nintendo can be found here.
Please note: the letter at the end of system software version numbers is a region code: U is the Americas region, E is the Europe region, and J is the Japan region.
Private exploits will be made public in the future.
The information below is current as of April 14, 2017.

VersionReleasedUserspace exploit?Kernel exploit?
1.0.1Wii U LaunchNoNo
1.0.2Wii U LaunchNoNo
2.0.0November 18, 2012YesYes
2.1.0December 4, 2012YesYes
2.1.3March 4, 2012YesYes
3.0.0April 25, 2013YesYes
3.0.1May 20, 2013YesYes
3.1.0July 10, 2013YesYes
4.0.0September 30, 2013YesYes
4.0.2November 18, 2013YesYes
4.0.3February 24, 2014YesYes
4.1.0March 31, 2014YesYes
5.0.0June 2, 2014YesYes
5.1.0July 21, 2014YesYes
5.1.1August 4, 2014No*No*
5.1.2August 18, 2014No*No*
5.2.0September 29, 2014No*No*
5.3.0November 10, 2014No*No*
5.3.1December 1, 2014No*No*
5.3.2December 5, 2014YesYes (unreliable)
5.4.0June 8, 2015YesYes (unreliable)
5.5.0August 17, 2015YesYes
5.5.1January 11, 2016YesYes
* An exploit is possible, but has not yet been developed.
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On Behalf of All the Staff On The Red Hat Café...
Posted on 12-25-16, 01:25 pm by shibboleet
We would like to wish everybody a happy holidays, that includes those who celebrate Christmas, and also others who celebrate Hanukkah.

I hope for the best for 2017 as we close this very special year that had gone by so fast. Friendships have been made, but also broken, bonds have been broken but attached, but in the end, we stand as a community together.

Have a happy end of 2016.

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Posted on 08-20-16, 05:45 am by RoadrunnerWMC
Someone spilled some star coins all over The Red Hat Café!

This is a feature I envisioned a while ago and shibboleet coded today. Every now and then as you browse the board, a star coin will randomly appear somewhere. Click it to add it to your collection. Your total is displayed on your profile page, and you'll receive a badge for every fifty you find.

Now go find some!
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Happy Halloween..and more spooky to come!
Posted on 10-21-15, 02:42 am by shibboleet
Today we (I) decided to push our Halloween theme to the main board, just to have it out there. Special thanks to RoadrunnerWMC for making this spectacular theme.

On the other side of things, there is indeed a hack that is under development by me that I hope to give out as a Halloween treat for all of you, so stay tuned with that as well!

And the last thing I'd like to say is to be prepared, Red Hat Cafe's development board is soaring with new features that will come your way soon!

Happy Halloween!
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